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The Biggest Signs You Need To Work With A Digital Marketing Agency Vs. Signs A Digital Marketing Freelancer Will Do Just Fine

These days, good digital marketing is near-essential for small businesses. That’s because nearly two-thirds of purchasing experiences begin online, with both in-store and online customers choosing to research products/services using search engines first [1]. Moreover, whether customers choose to purchase goods online or in-store, being able to research and see reviews online ahead of time increases both the likelihood that they’ll make a purchase and the total amount they’re likely to spend [2]!

Yet about 47% of all small business owners handle the social media and digital marketing for their business entirely on their own, and about half of those businesses dedicate less than two hours per week to their efforts [3]. Plus about one in five small businesses don’t do any kind of digital marketing at all. Consequently, for the majority of small businesses who aren’t already working with a digital marketing professional, choosing to hire a marketing firm or freelancer can dramatically increase customer interest, sales, and (ultimately) profits.

Contact Panna ONE today to learn more about how choosing to hire a marketing agency can transform your small business marketing efforts and revenues. Otherwise, keep reading to find out more about how you can tell if you really need to hire a marketing agency or if working with a freelancer would be better for your business!

First Things First: What Even Is Digital Marketing & What Can A Digital Marketing Agency Do For You That A Freelancer Can't?

Put simply, digital marketing is any activity that takes place online that impacts how potential customers view and decide whether or not to make purchases from a business. Small business marketing often involves creating and maintaining a website and branded social media accounts, as well as blogs, paid publishing materials (like news releases), advertisements, and email lists.

Businesses that hire a marketing agency can outsource the complete (holistic) and comprehensive (omnichannel) management of their digital marketing efforts [4]. What’s more, when you hire a marketing agency, you’re guaranteed a certain amount of time and expertise dedicated to the success of your small business marketing investments. Conversely, digital marketing freelancers (depending on their skill level) can create suggested digital marketing plans and well-informed digital marketing content. However, they can rarely manage an entire digital marketing campaign. Moreover, freelancers may be less expensive, but they are often less well-supported and have far fewer available man-hours per project, so business owners must either hire more freelancers or spend time themselves to implement/manage their digital marketing campaign [5].

Sign 1: You don’t have the time to diy your small business marketing strategy and you’re willing to let go of control over it.

What This Means: You need holistic digital marketing planning & management, not just digital marketing content.

Many businesses have a lot of success buying digital marketing content as their budget and performance metrics dictate. This is usually only very effective when the business owner has the time to manage the digital marketing campaign and has some previous experience running a blog and/or email list or using social media. That’s when working with a digital marketing freelancer may be the best fit, since all the bells-and-whistles that come with choosing to hire a marketing agency wouldn’t be necessary; they just need digital marketing content ready-to-post.

On the other hand, small businesses that hire a marketing agency benefit from turning over the reins to a team of digital marketing professionals. In these cases, the owner and other agents of the business can spend their time and energy on other activities (that they’re better prepared to do), which is ultimately much more beneficial to the success of their small business marketing efforts. That said, when choosing to hire a marketing agency, business owners retain less control over their small business marketing activities [6].

Sign 2: You don’t have time to learn the best small business marketing behaviors for your industry through trial-and-error.

What This Means: You need to be sure everything you do follows the best practices for small business marketing.

One of the biggest reasons why small businesses struggle to turn a profit (and ultimately close down) is that their small business marketing strategy isn’t working or isn’t consistent [7].

Whether your work with a freelancer to create digital marketing content or hire a marketing agency, you will certainly see results at some point. That said, there’s far greater uncertainty about how fast you will see results and whether they will be positive when working with a digital marketing freelancer than when you hire a marketing agency. That’s because businesses that hire a marketing agency can feel confident that the team working on their small business marketing strategy account for every element that may impact the efficacy of digital marketing efforts (like competitor and consumer behavior, industry trends, search engine updates). What’s more, because it can take six to twelve months to see results from even the best small business marketing strategy, businesses that hire a marketing agency are often better able to stick with the best-laid plans for long enough to see results [8].

Choosing To Hire A Marketing Agency Isn’t The End-All-Be-All Decision: You Still Have To Pick One!

Whether (and when) you choose to hire a marketing agency for the development and maintenance of your long-term digital marketing plan, it’s important to make sure you’re putting your business in well-qualified hands. That’s why it’s essential to research, contact, and find out more about any agency’s practices and promised results before you hire a marketing agency. For more information about what we here at [Company Name] can do for you, contact us or visit [FAQ page or services list].


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